Community Connections


Robots and Mud Pies π Preschool has two goals we will try to achieve when working with our community. The first goal is community outreach to help our community and the second is connecting with the community to enhance the curriculum at RAMPP.

Community Outreach will be an important part of RAMPP. In order to show the children the importance of giving back to their community, RAMP will choose a few non-profits to help throughout the school year. Parents and  friends of RAMPP will be asked to support our efforts. 

A couple of the nonprofits that RAMPP will support are:



FeedMore Serves...

Local children who need a nutritional foundation to learn and grow

Central Virginia families struggling to provide for themselves

Your senior neighbors who need food and services for health and independence

...our region's most vulnerable people.


St. Joseph’s Villa provides a variety of educational, residential and day programs to children and families dealing with autism, homelessness or physical and mental disabilities or behaviors that classify the child as being “at risk.” Many of the Villa’s services work together to provide integrated or “wrap-around” care for the child.


Diabetes Research Institute:

The largest and most comprehensive diabetes research center dedicated to curing diabetes, the DRI is aggressively working to shrink the timeline toward the discovery of a biological cure for this disease. Our multidisciplinary teams of scientists, together with international collaborators, are bridging cell-based therapies with emerging technologies to restore insulin production in patients with diabetes.

*RAMPP is open to supporting additional non-profits that are suggested by parents as long as they are in line with the RAMPP philosophy statement.   We are particularly interested in supporting programs that work with children.


The Community Connections piece of our curriculum will connect the children of RAMPP with community organizations such as schools, nursing homes, and local business to help enhance the curriculum at RAMPP.

One example of this will be the J. R. Tucker’s Robotic Team: Sparky 384.  We will have students from the high school come to the preschool to work with the children on robotics activities. 

We will also ask parents or members of the community to come to the classroom to share with the children what they do for their job or other interests they have that relate to what the children are studying.  For instance, if the children are interested in gardening, we will invite a parent or member of the community come to talk to the children about gardens.