Connected Learning Program
RAMPP's New Virtual
Preschool Program

Robots and Mud Pies Preschool is offering a virtual preschool program for families who feel more comfortable having their children learn at home this school year. We have heard from a number of families who are interested in such a program and we have teachers who are excited to try this new adventure.

We are calling this program a Connected Learning program because we hope to help children and families feel connected to us and to other preschool families. We have created a program that will provide children with face to face time with a teacher and other preschoolers along with providing the families with more activities that will allow the preschoolers to learn through play.

RAMPP's Connected Learning Program consists of these components:

Three small group video sessions per week.
   Our Connected Learning teacher holds three Zoom sessions each week. These sessions are on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings for about 30 minutes. The Tuesday and Thursday sessions are very similar to our Meeting Times at RAMPP with reading, singing and small group activities. The Friday morning session is more of an interactive play session with everyone playing with the same or similar materials and the teacher facilitating conversations and learning. For example, one day they may use water color paints to paint what they want. The teacher will encourage them to show their friends and talk about what they are doing. On another day, they might build with blocks. The teacher will suggest an engineering challenge for the children and will talk with them as they plan how to solve the problem, test their creation and report the results to their friends.

Activity kits for parents to use with your children.
     We provide activity kits every couple of weeks with materials and detailed lesson plans on how to use the materials with your child. For example, one kit may include magnets and objects which your child will test to see which objects are attracted to the magnet and which are not attracted to it. Another kit may include objects that will encourage your child to create patterns while counting the objects and describing the objects (colors, shapes, and sizes).

Books to read with your children.
   We will lend you with books to read with your child. Mostly this will be a way to give you more variety and encourage a love of reading. Some of the books will also come with lesson plans to expand on concepts we are learning about in our Zoom meetings.

Lesson plans with more activity ideas to complete throughout the week.
   We will use the Brightwheel App to provide you with lessons plans for a variety of activities. You can feel free to use some of them or skip some of them. You may find that your child wants to repeat some of the activities often so please use them in whatever way works best for your family.

Educational information for families on how to carry out child centered, play based learning at home.
  We will provide you with information on ways you can use all of the above to fit your family and your child best. We will give you sample preschool at home daily routines. We will provide you with tips on how to talk with your child about concepts they are learning. And we will offer links to articles that will help you understand how young children learn.