Sample Daily Schedule         
(The times in our schedule may vary, even daily based on the children's needs, special events, and the weather.)

Morning Session

8:30 am Early Morning Drop-Off Children Arrive

8:55 am Carpool Lane Opens for Arrivals

9:15 am Carpool Lane Ends

9:25 am Group Meeting Time

9:40 am Free Choice and Project Work

10:00 am Snack Room is open as a choice

10:00 am Outdoor Play is available as a choice

          (Depending on weather children may go outside from 10-10:50 and/or 11:00-11:45)

11:45 am Outside children come inside and all clean up for dismissals

11:50 am Carpool Lane Opens for Dismissals

12:15 pm Carpool Lane Ends

Afternoon Session

12:55 pm Carpool Lane Opens for Arrivals

1:10 pm Carpool Lane Ends

1:15 pm Group Meeting Time

1:30 pm Free Choice and Project Work

2:30 pm Snack Table is open as a choice (Depending on size of group, all children might snack at the same time in the afternoon.)

3:00 pm Outdoor Play (All afternoon children go outside together).

3:45 pm Back inside to prepare for dismissals.

3:50 pm Carpool Lane Opens for Dismissals

4:10 pm Carpool Lane Ends

4:30 pm Afternoon Extended Day Children Picked Up

Full Time Children

Between 12 noon and 1:00, the children who stay for the full day have lunch which is provided by the parents. Then they have a quiet time. Children who need to nap, have rest mats and blankets and are allowed to nap in a calm, supervised room. We do not force anyone to nap but will ask some children to rest for awhile in case they do fall asleep. Some nappers will nap for 1- 2 hours. The afternoon routine varies depending on the number of children awake and the number of nappers.

Why are Routines and Schedules Important?

• They influence a child’s emotional, cognitive, and social development. 

• They help children feel secure. 

• They help children understand expectations. 

• They help reduce behavior problems. 

• They can result in higher rates of child engagement.