You can find most of the forms you will need for Robots and Mud Pies π Preschool on this page.  Hard copies of these can be provided at your request. PLEASE COMPLETE EVERY LINE OF EVERY FORM. If something does not apply to your child, write "N/A".

Forms Required for Enrollment for New Children 

Child Enrollment Form


Your child's Original Birth Certificate or Passport for us to view.

School Health and Immunization Form
(A doctor must sign these forms and the  immunization information MUST be in our hands before your child can attend school.)

Medication Administration Policy

(This form must be signed by all parents.  It explains our policy about giving medicines to the children.  Even if your child does not need medication, licensing requires us to tell you the policy.)


Family Phone Book Form


Photo Permission

Getting to Know Your Child

Parent Volunteer Form

Contract: We will give you a contract based on your child's schedule. Here is a sample contract so you can see the wording. Your rate  will vary depending on your schedule.

We suggest you make copies of all of the forms and your contract to keep for your records.

Parent Handbook

All parents must read and follow our Parent Handbook. Please let us know if you have questions about any policies. 

5/1/2021: In September 2021, we expect to maintain the COVID policies for the most part, we will let you know if/when we make changes.

7/31/20: Due to COVID-19, we have made changes to the Parent Handbook for the Fall of 2020. Please read the whole handbook and contact us with questions.

Parent Handbook


If your child needs any type of medication including diaper ointment or lotion, please read our Medication Forms page and follow the instructions. If you have questions, please email us at Admissions.