Learn at Home Activities

This page is being created during the "Coronavirus Break 2020" to give parents ideas of activities to do at home with their preschoolers. Of course, when this ordeal is over, these will still be fun to do on any day! For many more activity ideas, check out the Science Night, Sensory Activities, The Benfits of Board Games and other pages under the Curriculum heading.

Of course, there are going to be days when you and your children are ready to be busy and have fun doing these activities AND there are going to be days when you just need to hang out and do nothing! That's OKAY!!!! What is important is that you spend some time (not quality time, just time) with your child. If you only do one 'activity' a day, make it reading a book to your child. Take care. Stay inside (except to play outside or take a walk....socially distant from others). And wash your hands.

Story Time Videos and More

Get comfortable and watch as our teachers read books. Or get ready for more action when you watch a science, math or movement activity. Click here to go to the videos

Engineering Challenges

You and your children can make up your own engineering challenges at home! Start by thinking of a topic your child is fascinated by like tow trucks or dragons or ballerinas. Then think of some type of problem that could be solved related to that topic. Perhaps the tow truck is broken and needs a way to tow cars again, or maybe the ballerina wants scenery for her next show. Once you have a problem to solve, brainstorm ways to solve the problem. The child can draw or "write" their ideas, or can tell a parent who can write down the ideas. Then choose one solution to try. Gather materials and create the solution. Then test the solution and see if it works. If it's not quite right, change something and test again. Once it's right, report your results! You can take photos and send them to RAMPP or to grandparents!

Challenges we enjoy! Pet Rocks and Houses

                                           Egg Drop Challenge

                                                       Make a Trap to Catch the Tooth Fairy

                                                                 Build a Bridge for the Troll to Live Under

                                                                   AND MORE! Click there for more activities!

Treasure Hunt Activities

Following Clues Treasure Hunt

Here is a treasure hunt you can do inside your house. Click on this link to download a pdf with clues

If you cannot print the clues, you can simply write out these clues or others that are specific to your house.

Set Up Instructions:

Start by choosing a simple treasure. A small toy your child hasn’t seen in years, money, or “jewels” are some ideas.

Cut out the clues.

The easiest way to lay out the clues is to use them in the order they are numbered. And go backwards! Start by hiding the treasure with the “You found the treasure!” paper under a table (#10).

Hide the #10 clue on the couch (#9).

#9 clue goes on/or near the front door (#8).

#8 clue goes into the child’s dresser (put one child’s name on the clue if you have more than one child playing) (#7).

#7 clue goes under a chair (#6).

Pick a bed for clue #5…..Mom’s, the dog’s? and write that in.

#6 clue (the chair clue) goes under that bed (#5).

#5 clue goes in the child’s backpack (#4).

#4 clue goes in or on the refrigerator (#3).

#3 clue goes above the bathtub (#2).

#2 clue goes under the child’s bed.

And you save #1 clue, “Look under your bed.” to hand to the child.

Hide the clues better for older children and leave them in plain sight for toddlers.

Depending on your children, have them read the clues themselves or help them read what they can read by looking at the pictures and guessing what they think it says.

To play again, just change the numbers on the clues and/or make new clues to go with new hiding places. If you are ever unsure if you are hiding them in order, just try it out yourself to make sure each clue leads to the next clue….all the way to the treasure!

Treasure Map!! Aaargh Mateys!!!

Another way to do a treasure hunt is to create a map with an X to mark where the treasure is. You can make up just a random treasure island type map to follow. Or you can draw a simple map of your back yard or inside your house (like my basic drawings in the photos.) You can use anything as a treasure, like a small box with play jewelry and plastic gold coins. You can actually bury it or just place it on the ground for younger children. Eventually the children will want to make their own maps. Happy hunting!!!


Go Outside and Take a Walk!

Everyone needs a break from being inside all day...for weeks! Even a short walk outside can be the break you and your children need every day. Some days, just walk and talk about what you see. Other days, find a different activity to do while you walk. You can play a simple game of I Spy while you walk, either the classic "I Spy something RED" naming colors of objects or the easier "I Spy a red mailbox." You can make it more complex by creating a list of things in your neighborhood that your child needs to find: An I Spy Scavenger Hunt. My neighborhood has a Spiderman climbing a down spout, police cars, green Jeeps, and a gargoyle statue. What can you find in your neighborhood? You can also take this Nature Scavenger Hunt (below) while you walk near your house.