Learn at Home Activities

This page is being created during the "Coronavirus Break 2020" to give parents ideas of activities to do at home with their preschoolers. Of course, when this ordeal is over, these will still be fun to do on any day! For many more activity ideas, check out the Science Night, Engineering Night, Sensory Activities and other pages under the Curriculum heading.

Treasure Hunt Activities

Following Clues Treasure Hunt

Here is a treasure hunt you can do inside your house. Click on this link to download a pdf with clues

If you cannot print the clues, you can simply write out these clues or others that are specific to your house.

Set Up Instructions:

Start by choosing a simple treasure. A small toy your child hasn’t seen in years, money, or “jewels” are some ideas.

Cut out the clues.

The easiest way to lay out the clues is to use them in the order they are numbered. And go backwards! Start by hiding the treasure with the “You found the treasure!” paper under a table (#10).

Hide the #10 clue on the couch (#9).

#9 clue goes on/or near the front door (#8).

#8 clue goes into the child’s dresser (put one child’s name on the clue if you have more than one child playing) (#7).

#7 clue goes under a chair (#6).

Pick a bed for clue #5…..Mom’s, the dog’s? and write that in.

#6 clue (the chair clue) goes under that bed (#5).

#5 clue goes in the child’s backpack (#4).

#4 clue goes in or on the refrigerator (#3).

#3 clue goes above the bathtub (#2).

#2 clue goes under the child’s bed.

And you save #1 clue, “Look under your bed.” to hand to the child.

Hide the clues better for older children and leave them in plain sight for toddlers.

Depending on your children, have them read the clues themselves or help them read what they can read by looking at the pictures and guessing what they think it says.

To play again, just change the numbers on the clues and/or make new clues to go with new hiding places. If you are ever unsure if you are hiding them in order, just try it out yourself to make sure each clue leads to the next clue….all the way to the treasure!