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Enrollment Forms

When a child is enrolled for their first year at RAMPP, we will need all of the forms listed below. We will also need to view your child's birth certificate or passport. (The original, not a copy.)

We need to have these forms completed before your child starts preschool. Part of the school health and immunization form must be completed by your child's medical provider.

Medication Forms and Policies

Robots and Mud Pies Preschool has staff trained to administer medications to children. Our full policy on this topic can be found above, in the list of forms required for enrollment. All children must have this signed policy before they start school. This is required for our child care center license. The forms under Medication Forms are only required if your child needs a medication during the time they are at school. Examples of medication that might be needed are Epi-pen for a child with allergies or diaper ointment for a child with severe diaper rash.

Because most  children are only at RAMPP for 3 hours a day, most other medications including sunscreen, bug spray and diaper ointment can be administered at home by the parent before and/or after school, and do not need to be brought to school. If your child attends for a full day, they might be more likely to need us to administer a medication or lotion. In all cases, if you feel your child needs to have a medication at school, message us on Brightwheel and talk to us about the situation. You will need to complete the appropriate form and supply the medication with the required information and any dosing utensils needed (i.e. dosing spoon). Then you will need to carry all of this into the school to hand deliver it to one of the teachers. You cannot put the medications and forms in your child's bag. Medications in a backpack could be dangerous to the children and we may have questions about the administration of the medication. A staff member who is trained in medication administration will review the form before the mediation can be given.

Medication Forms: OTC Topical

OTC  Topical Medications

Medication Forms: All Other Medications

Prescription and OTC Medications